Proudly Australian Made & Owned since 1934

“Manufacturing Scientific, Laboratory and Industrial Glassware, Custom Glassware and Precision Hydrometers”

Carlton Glass Company Pty.Ltd. is Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of Precision Hydrometers, Laboratory and Industrial Glassware.

Since 1934, Carlton has been assisting science and industry with laboratory instruments and apparatus of the highest quality. We pride ourselves not only on our quality, but of our service as well. Based on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane, we have for many years been a major supplier to the Australian sugar and wine industries. We also supply glass instruments and equipment to areas such as shipping, petroleum, mining and print industries. We are always able to assist our customers with information and advice on all of their requirements. Contact us to see how we can assist your laboratory or business.

We invite you to take a tour and see some of the many products we manufacture. From a simple stirring rod, to a jacketed flanged vessel, we can help. We also stock a wide range of quality hydrometers, and a select range of thermometers and refractometers.

In 1934, Henry Carlton, who was at the time working for a Brisbane company manufacturing thermometers, identified a market for hydrometers, and subsequently Carlton Instrument Company was founded. Some customers may remember the old days of our humble beginnings at Bowen St., Spring Hill, on the edge of Brisbane city. Mr Carlton passed away a number of years later, and the business continued to be operated by his two sisters. In 1952, Bob Cox, at the tender age of 14, went to work for the Carlton sisters, and eventually went on to own the business himself.