Alcoholometer (NAL)


Carlton manufacture a range of precision Alcoholometers to Australian Standard AS2371. Each covers a range of 20% alcohol by volume at 20°C, with subdivisions of 0.2%/vol.. These are commonly used to determine the concentration of ethanol in the wine and beverage industry.

Note that ONLY the 20% range conform to the standard, as the standard it does not allow for 10% ranges. They are still however a popular choice for the smaller subdivisions of 0.1%/vol.

Note that an alcoholometer only measures ethanol in water. That is, if there is sugar or other substances dissolved in the solution, you will not get accurate alcohol readings. The ethanol must first be distilled out of the solution and mixed back to the same volume with distilled water. An alcoholometer can then be used to determine the concentration.

A good quality thermometer and an alcohol temperature correction table is also required to obtain accurate readings. The tables form the bulk of AS2371, but tables can also be found on the net.

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